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Joshua M. Ferguson
Producer, Director, Author

Twitter & Instagram:@joshuamferguson, Facebook:@drjoshuamferguson

Dr. Joshua M. Ferguson (Ph.D) is a non-binary trans (they/them) filmmaker, writer and advocate born in Brantford, Canada and raised in Napanee, Canada. 

Joshua has harnessed their academic background and personal experiences being marginalized to advocate for legal recognition of non-binary people in Canada and beyond. After a public application, they made history in May 2018 by becoming the first person in Ontario with a non-binary birth certificate after successfully resolving their human rights complaint with the province. They have also publicly applied for their non-binary gender marker on their BC Services Card resulting in a human rights application.

Joshua believes in making cultural interventions with their creative work. Some of Joshua’s literary work has been featured in Teen Vogue, HuffPost, BuzzFeed, OUT Magazine, Toronto Star and VICE. Joshua’s first book entitled Me, Myself, They is forthcoming in Spring 2019 with House of Anansi. And, their story is the focus of They Are Joshua, a feature-length documentary, to be released in 2019. 

With their producing and life partner, Florian Halbedl, Joshua’s films have been screened internationally at over forty film festivals. The award-winning Whispers of Life (2013), a short fiction film about the power of imagination and communication in relation to challenging anti-LGBT bullying and promoting suicide prevention; Limina (2016) about a empathic gender-fluid kid hailed for making history for trans inclusivity in the film and TV history; and, Henry’s Heart (to be released in 2019) about a queer love story told across time. Joshua is the Producer and Co-Writer of the feature-length documentary They Are Joshua, which focuses on their life as a non-binary person and their fight for legal recognition in Canada.

Joshua aims to discover innovative, unique and marginalized stories that seek to represent the rich diversity of humanity. Joshua believes that “film can act as a beacon of hope for those struggling with being marginalized while simultaneously deploying new ways to expand awareness in a changing global landscape that typically participates in exclusionary and reductive forms of cinematic representation.” Joshua and Florian are also developing their first feature-length fiction film. Joshua’s filmic and written work serves to tell underrepresented and marginalized stories.


Florian Halbedl
Director, Writer, Producer

Twitter & Instagram: @florianhalbedl 

Florian Halbedl was born in Luzern, Switzerland. In 2000, Halbedl immigrated to Canada with his family. While studying Medical Sciences at Western University, he shot his first short film for a Vertebrate Biology class. After switching one of his majors to Film Studies, Halbedl graduated with a double major in Film Studies and Medical Sciences and received his B.A. in 2009.

Halbedl’s professional career in the Vancouver film and television industry began with work on Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, The A-Team, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Once Upon a Time. Since then, he’s worked as part of the assistant director teams on shows such as Supernatural, Godzilla, Wayward Pines, Warcraft, Shut Eye, Legends of Tomorrow, The Man in the High Castle and most recently Project Blue Book.

In 2012, together with Joshua M. Ferguson, Halbedl founded Turbid Lake Pictures, an independent production company “that focuses on innovative cinematic stories created for global audiences.” With Turbid Lake Pictures, Halbedl has written and directed Whispers of Life (2013) and Limina (2016), two short films that have screened at over forty film festivals internationally winning audience and jury awards. Whispers of Life was also nominated for a Directors Guild of Canada Best Short Film Award in 2014 and Limina made Canadian history with the British Columbia’s Leo Awards for trans inclusivity in the industry. He is the co-Director on the feature-length documentary They Are Joshua (slated for festival release in 2019) in post-production, and has also produced and directed a new short fiction film entitled Henry’s Heart, set to be released at festivals in 2019. Halbedl is developing and writing feature-length scripts for Turbid Lake Pictures.